Monday, 26 May 2014

Science experiment

Yesterday room6 did a since experiment on how your skin reacted to cold/frezzeing water,hot/warm and class room temperature my hands didn't tingle but lots of other peoples hands tingled the cold one was like ice and the hot one was so nice it tingled my fingers a little but not much.

Thursday, 15 May 2014


-My mum,dad,sister and me zoomed to a hotel and stayed the night the register people where super nice they even gave my dad a milk Carten and an Easter bunny.
-When we woke up it was Easter.
-The Easter bunny gave me a tin of chocolate.

-I had to go for a walk and I fell of my scooter when I was going round a slippery hill.
-we weren't allowed to eat our chocolate on Easter Day.
-I had to go swimming in the middle of the holidays.

-My sister had her last swimming leson.
-I got a cold when it was boling hot.
-The Easter bunny gave me a tin full of chocolate.