Wednesday, 3 December 2014

CO2 Diary-Day 3

On day three room 6 made there add ons. Some people haven't made add ons yet because they are still carving there cars. I Have already stuck on my add ons and my wheels, I stuck my wheels on this morning. I had to sand all my add ons out really good so then they are easter to paint. Here is my car so far I hope you like it.

CO2 Cars-Diary-Day 1

 Yesterday Room 6 got a co2 car kit because we were starting to make our cars. The kit contains, 4 wheels, 4 add on pieces, 2 axles and a big fat piece of wood.

Next we went to the hall to start carving our piece of wood into a master piece. We went over the safety rules because Stephen didn't want us to get hurt.

 At first I didn't know what I was doing because I forgot my plan it was back at class. This i my car so far I hope you like it.