Friday, 18 September 2015


How well did you meet the walt: I am confident to do my strategy by myself because i know how to do it well.

I can improve to remember not to count forward on the number line and only count backwards.

Zero Waste

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Hello my name is Sky and I am a slave I work for this amazingly rich old man called Mr Red Bottom. He doesn't pay me a cent and all the work I do for him he doesn't respect me.
I mean he never will because he is just a greedy fat pig that dresses in bright sparkling jewels and he wears his big colourful cloak. He always has his chin up pointing up at the big blue sky. His guards walk close behind him with there long sharp swords pointer than a porcupines spines. If anyone dear go near him they would raise there swords and  point them at you to give a first warning that you are not allowed to go a meter near him. Because he is so important. 

He has a Chihuahua, Her name is molly she is so adorable, I don't think she likes me because every time I try to pat her she try’s to bite me, and whenever I putt her food bowl down and its full with food she takes it to the king and leaves a trail of dog biscuits for me to clean up after I have already vacuumed. She pees not in her litter-box on purpouse. Molly only pees in her litter-box when the king is around. Molly only eats her special love heart strawberry flavoured dog treats and she only will eat them if they are perfectly placed in her bowl with whipped cream and a cherry on top. I think that is crazy because all the dogs i know eat normel dog biscuits.  

Now I am going to talk about my friend Scarlet she works for the queen Mrs Red Bottom the king Mr Red Bottoms wife. Scarlot has blond hair and beautiful blue eyes and has the same clothes as me because they were the only chose. I have to look at my chore chart now.

I have done all my jobs apart from my extra job feed the chickens and collect there eggs. I don’t think they like me either so i carefully creep quietly into there chicken pen so I don’t wake them. Last time they attacked me then i heard a noise…………….. I ran around the chicken pen so they wouldn't catch up to me but I tripped and fell face first into i pile of chicken poo at first i thought it was water but then it smelt so bad i felt like fainting. I thought I was ok until i felt sharp pointy beaks pocking into my back ripping my cloths and putting ginormous holes in my cloths. I felt so messy I didn't know what to do. I couldn't go inside looking like this. I thought to myself what to do what to do. Then I thought the hose I will have a shower with the hose.

 I went around the conner hoping now one would hear or see me. Then he shouted “SSSSKKKKYYYYY COME INSIDE NOW” “ yes your master” “WHAT” “I am coming” “ good hmf” I have know idea what he was talking about. When i walked in there were to people standing at the front door saying “she is not working for you any longer”. I said “what is this all about” the king said “you tell me” I said  “am I leaving I possibly cant leave without Scarlot she's my best friend” “ well we can take her to ok" i will go and pack wait i have nothing i will go and get Scarlot” “Scarlot come on” “Ok” toddles bye see you never again king”