Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Fear writing

Where are we going? It was an ordinary day, I was on holiday at waroumia caves it had glow worms lime-stone and one more i couldn't remember what it was called. You could get a family pass for four family members my dad chose the glow worms and lime stone.

We walked up a very steap path the bad thing about walking up the path was that it was raining. My poor dad he had no hood or umbrella. Crinch crunch my shoes went on the stoney path then all of a sudden we were at the top!!!!!

We shuffled in a tight squeeze when we got out of the tight squeeze i blurted “ahhhhh” All you could hear were the different spectacular voices of the cheerful people waiting in the small but loud croud!!

I mentioned to my dad “I am worried that the lime-stone is going to fall on us” my dad muttered “ it will not fall on us they would not let us in if it wasn’t safe ok” I whispered ok back to him!

We went up the thin cranky stairs and over the the floor I saw that it had little tiny holes in it. It was like If wasing having a stroke I thought that it was the end then I heard a creak I mumbled to my dad I am really really really scared now!

We went around lots and lots of windy courners I was getting very very very tiered my dad mentioned not long know until we are going out of here. We were at the end i felt like coulapsing the tour guide lady admitted “you probably didint know this but it takes a centermeter of lime-stone 100 years to grow. When we got i felt great i wiped my fourhead and sighed!!!!!      
THE END!!!!!!!