Friday, 11 December 2015

My game writing

“Whats going on blistering barnacles its gone dark” ohh ouch that hurt I don’t like it in here. Darkness surrounds us I here chitter chatter everywhere I think i hear a switch turn on I hear water dripping and footsteps of a human being I feel cold and scared.

“Golly gosh the bag is opening” i see light rushing through the bag then it suddenly blanks out. My ears twitch from side to side at the sound of fire.

crackle crackle hisssssssss hissssssss! I think Something is burning beside me I can’t move it gets hotter and hotter I think my tail is burning i look down and it has a dab of fire on it i bite my tail so i stop the burning “The bag falls off the table and thud i fall down on the ground i feel like i am getting closer and closer……. to be continued

My Minecraft school