Monday, 30 May 2016

Stage six advanced additive Portfolio Sample

Description: On the 23 of May we did a maths knowledge test and we did one earleir  and I got 20% and I have improved because I have been practicing and my other score was 34%. I like doing these tests because they challenge be heaps and I like when maths challenges me. The test had lots of different maths questions some of them were really easy like 10+11=21 but some of them were really hard. There were all different types of math questions like how do you write this number or what's this time that. The ones that I found the hardest were the times tables because I am not that good at my times tables so i need to work on them.

Image:  This is my 20% one.
This is my 34% one.

Evaluation: The learning in this task was that he test was telling the teacher were you were at in maths so if you were really good at something you might go up a group or if you are not so good at one thing you might go down a group or you might stay were you are.

Feedback: Great job you have made it so that I can see your progress in math which makes it a excellent quality post.
Feedfoward: Next time you could put what you learnt that made you get a higher score. Telaina


  1. Congratulations on your improvements Charlotte! What are you doing to get better at your times tables?

    1. I am practicing them at maths time and I get better every day.