Friday, 24 June 2016

Te Reo Maori Portfolio Sample

Description: Every Monday afternoon when all the Kapa Haka people go to kapa Haka all the people that don't go to kapa Haka stay and gather in room 12 we are learning a song it's called Aoteroa by Stan Walker we were also learning about Maori food you could do lots of different things you could do a Kahoot or flash card there were lots of different options. I chose to do a Kahoot with Emily,Jayde and Bella L.


Evaluation: The learning in this task was about Maori food we were trying to learn about lots of food in Maori we got sent a photo of lots of Maori food and we had to find a way to present it.

Feedback: I think your Kahoot looks really cool and I want to try it
Feedforward: next time you could maybe do some more harder questions. Maria B

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