Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Complex Sentances

Description: This term for writing we poutama split up into three groups i was with Elly. We have been learning about  all different types of sentences there is a simple sentence a compound sentence and a complex sentence. I am with my friend Jayde we help each other every time we do writing because i struggle with ones she doesn't  and she struggles with ones i don't. Here is our slide...........

Feedback\Feedforward: I like your examples i think that it will help people know what that type of sentence needs and includes. Next time i think you could describe in the description a bit more about what you are doing. Emily S

Evaluation: I think FANBOYS has really helped me understand what the main conjunction words are and the information on the slide has really helped me understand what the difference between each sentences.

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  1. Thanks for your honest description and evaluation Charlotte! I love the fact that you and Jayde can help each other! It is always good to work with someone who complements you and helps you when you are stuck! I have been so impressed with your growth mindset about this learning - great strategies shown when you have found it tricky! Well done.