Monday, 29 February 2016

Listening video

Description: We were learning about all the different types of listening there are three types of listening the first one is busy listening busy listening is when someone is talking about something and you are doing something and it distracting you. The second type of listening is me too listing me too listening is when someone is talking about something and the other person keeps butting in and saying I did that or I haven't done that before and the last type of listening is active listening active listening is when you are looking the person in the eyes and  putting down the things you are doing.

Big idea: We were learning all the different types of listening there are three types of listing their is busy listening me too listening and active listening.

Feedback: I like the way you included 3 different listening types.

FeedForward: Next time you can speak a bit louder.

Evaluation: what I found easy was take the videos because usually taking videos for me is hard.
I found saying everything quite hard because it could only be 30 seconds so it had to be a quick video. I think I am doing ok as an active listener I think I could work on being more of an active listener bye putting my stuff down and moving away if my friends are talking to me.

Friday, 19 February 2016

The treaty of Waitangi Day

Description: Me and my friend Bella Emily and we chose to make a video about the treaty of Waitangi. This is a rubric pre means one piece of Information. uni means one or two pieces of information. multi means three pieces of information relational mean three or more and extended abstract means go beyond the ideas. We chose multi but I think we got to relational because we definitely had more than three pieces of information.

Big idea: I learnt that the first person to sight New Zealand was Abel janszoon Tasman  1. Why was Waitangi Day invented 
The Treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of New Zealand. It is an agreement entered into by representatives of the Crown and of Māori  (tribes) and  (sub-tribes). It is named after the place in the Bay of Islands where the Treaty was first signed, on 6 February 1840. I learnt That Abel Tasman was the first to sight New Zealand but caption Cook was the first to set foot on New Zealand.

Feedback:I liked the way you shared information between everyone in your group Emily s

Feedford:I think you need to work on having a clearer voice Emily s

Evaluation: I think I did well because we reached relational when we were aiming for multi so I think we did very well. We chose multi because we thought that pre and uni was to little information and to easy and we didn't chose extended abstracet because we thought it would be to hard so we chose multi.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

My maths


This week in maths we have been learning how to make a number but we could only go up to 15. I am proud of my work and how I came up with two good solutions by myself. It was challenging when I got stuck and I kept getting it wrong.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Waitangi Day questions

 We got to chose to do 1 or 2 or 3 or more questions I chose 3 or more and I did five questions 


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My word for 2016

My word for 2016 is focus because I think that I need to focus more on the things that are going around me more