Monday, 14 March 2016

Camp diary portfolio sample 2016

Description: On Tuesday we went to camp. The camp we went to was called El rancho it was in waikanae. We did ten activities. The ten activities we had were the horses,mini golf,archery,kayaks,rifles,pool,water slide,low ropes,rafts and team initiative the activity that made me mostly proud was the horse because I have never been on a horse before I have only been on a pony and I was bare back riding it and I fell under it and it almost kicked me in the face so I was proud of myself getting on the biggest horse there I got on Finn next time I think that I should not be scared getting on a horse ever again because now I know they are friendly. We also had only three dinners my favourite was the chicken. 

feedback\feedforward: I think that your goals that you chose were very good because they were clear and acurate. Next time you could put the days and your evaluation in order so the reader doesn't read what they already have read.
Hannah P

Friday, 4 March 2016

One word 2016 portfolio sample

 First we got our photo taken by Elly then we chose a word for 2016. My one word is focus. Then we posted on Twitter why we chose our word then after that we had to measure the length between our hands and from the top of our hands till it touched our forehead. After that we put the measurements in our writers note book and did a couple of practices. We chose our favourite one and then we had to put it on our good copy. I chose my word focus because I think Need to focus on everything more because sometimes I start talking to my friends and I don't listen properly so I need to work on active listening.

Feedback: I like how you can read your one word clearly and that you used lots of bright colours 

Feedford: I think you could of maybe out lined your words in black pencil indted of vivid.

Evaluation: I am proud of my art because I think I was really creative with all the different colours and techniques. Next time I think I could of made it a bit bigger because some people might not be able to see it clearly. 

Camp goals

We a going to camp in two school days and we had to write to goals one personal goal and one a action goal and it had to be based on our one word for 2016.