Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Student led conference reflection term 1

Facts: you had to have six things on your blog.
You had to do most of the talking.

Feelings: excited challenged happy stressed nervous calm proud awkward brave relived and prepared.

Highlights: My parents helping me when I didn't know what to say,
When I got a great result in both of my star tests.
Getting to share my learning wi my family.

Challenges:one f my challenges was when I didn't know what to say but thankfully my parents and Elly helped me out and then I new what to say.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My Whakapapa / Family tree

Description: We have been doing a Whakapapa and if you were wondering what Whakapapa  is it is a family tree we made a family tree so people can know more about you and your family. First we had to do a draft our draft was in our think book after that we had to find a way to present your family tree you could present it in any way you wanted to you could present on a peace of paper and write it down or you could find a website on the internet i chose to present my Whakapapa on an app on the internet and it was called Family echo.

Evaluation: i am proud of deiscription because i think that for people that have never been to camp before will now kinda know what camp is like next time i nthink i could of made my photos a bit clearer.

feedback\feedfoward: i think you know a lot about your family history but you could work on making the photos a bit clearer. Atlanta h

Monday, 4 April 2016

The Dream Catcher

Description: In Room 12 we have been doing some writing about a Dream Catcher. If you were wondering what a dream catcher is it is like a tooth fairy except they give good dreams to good children, And the bad kids, well no one really knows what happen's to the bad children. We had to watch a video about the dream catcher and we had to describe what we think it would be like to be a dream catcher. We did it with Matt our student teacher.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl who was born with wings. Her name was Anna. Anna had long straight blonde hair and she always wore her favourite dress which was black and covered in purple flowers. Her eyes, oh her beautiful eyes, were light blue like the glimmering clear water. No one liked Anna. They all thought she was weird and creepy. She always told her parents but they just said "We can't do anything about it". But one night when Anna was in bed she felt much warmer than usual. Then suddenly she woke and was being sucked into a magical portal.

"Oh awwww, that really hurt!" said Anna.
"Hello Anna and welcome to Fairy-topia". Anna just sat on the ground and stared. She was speech less. She actually saw someone with fairy wings. The beautiful woman helped Anna up and the beautiful woman said "Welcome, my name is Moon Star. I am a tooth fairy that's why I am called Moon Star because tooth fairies go out at night. Anna stood up and said "Where am I and how do you know my name?" Moon Star replied "I just do. Everyone new who comes to Fairy-topia we all just know because we are magic."

"Now let me take you to your room." said Moon Star.
"What, I have a room? What colour?"asked Anna.
"Any colour you would like it to be." replied Moon Star. I walk into my green room and collapse onto my leaf bed and fall straight asleep.

 YAWN!! I get out of bed and go straight to class and if you were wondering I have been living in Fairy-topia for 11 years and YAY it's the last day of fairy university. We get to find out our jobs. I sit in my chair and I have a GINORMOUS smile on my face. Mrs Flutter calls out the tooth fairy and it is Melody. I SCREAM  and I JUMP out of my seat. Everybody in class is staring at me. Then Mrs Flutter shouts at me and tells me to sit down." I chose Melody because I want to give you the most special job of all time - The DREAMGIVER".
I am very puzzled. I say"Whats a dream giver?" Mrs Flutter says "A dream giver is a fairy that gives good children wonderful and good dreams.

Night has arrived and it is time for me to head off so I grab my sack of magic eggs and I start to flutter away. I arrive at the house and I creep in the window and start to approach the little girl. I crack one of my magic eggs in half and pour the magic syrup on one of her dog posters. She is now dreaming of the sweet little yaps of the adorable little puppies. I watch the girl for a couple of minutes and then I creep back out the window and fly back to my cozy warm leaf bed!!


Feedback and feed forward I think you need to work on your spelling I think you need to describe it a bit better other than that it is a very good storey. - Atlanta