Monday, 30 May 2016

Stage six advanced additive Portfolio Sample

Description: On the 23 of May we did a maths knowledge test and we did one earleir  and I got 20% and I have improved because I have been practicing and my other score was 34%. I like doing these tests because they challenge be heaps and I like when maths challenges me. The test had lots of different maths questions some of them were really easy like 10+11=21 but some of them were really hard. There were all different types of math questions like how do you write this number or what's this time that. The ones that I found the hardest were the times tables because I am not that good at my times tables so i need to work on them.

Image:  This is my 20% one.
This is my 34% one.

Evaluation: The learning in this task was that he test was telling the teacher were you were at in maths so if you were really good at something you might go up a group or if you are not so good at one thing you might go down a group or you might stay were you are.

Feedback: Great job you have made it so that I can see your progress in math which makes it a excellent quality post.
Feedfoward: Next time you could put what you learnt that made you get a higher score. Telaina

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Description: This is my spelling that I did today I think that I will and I won't need to practice it any longer I think that I need to work on them one or to more time.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Description: In maths today we were doing this really hard maths problem I worked with Renae Maria and myself we worked it out even though it was really hard here it is.


Description: This is my handwriting I did today I managed to do three of the same poems and a bit of a different poem but I didint finish and I did all of that in 5 minutes.

Monday, 23 May 2016


Description: This is my spelling that I did today and I think that I only need to work on them for a couple more weeks and then I think I will be ankle to know them of by heart.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

2 little o's and away I go Portfolio Sample

Description: Today we were doing 2 little o's and away I go and that is we have an a4 piece of paper and it has circles on it and we had to think of thing that we could turn it into. We were doing this activity when all the year six's in poutama went to Japanese. This activity was not the only activity we did while the year six's were at Japanese we did other arty thing we did this one day and then we did different things on thursday.

Evaluation: The learning in this task was manly to make your imagination run free and think hard of creative and wonderful ideas that no one has ever thought of. my best one were i thought the hardest was the fire place one it is the first one in the third row.

Feedback: I like how you have don so many different ideas. Charlotte H
Feedforward: Maybe next time you could fill the whole sheet in. Charlotte H


Description: This is my spelling I did today and I got all of them right.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Description: Today in maths we were trying to find out how many grams of each ingredient in our scrogian recipe. Our fractions were 1/12,1/3 and three 1/6.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Description: In maths I was doing some math out of the stage six maths books and I was seeing if how many wholes could you make with seven yellow rods? 


Description: This is my spelling words that I have been practicing for a couple of weeks and I think is am doing well. I know most of them I got them all right today the word I find the most challenging was couldn't. But I got it right today.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Skimming Portfolio Sample

Description: Skimming is a quick way of reading a book when you skim something you are trying to find  the main ideas of the book or you might look for a picture or a title you can look for lots of different things when you are skimming. We did this task with Elly in a workshop. some people are really good at skimming most of the time that is why they are so fast at reading. i am not that good at skimming i can do it but i like reading every word because then i know what is happening.

Evaluation: the learning in this task is basically to teach you how to skim and how to read a book faster. when you skim you have to make sure that you are getting the main information if you are just getting random information if you are you will not know what the book is about well you kindawill but not really.

Feedback: i like hoe you have put all your info and you told  me how to skim. Charlotte H
Feedforward: have you started to skim in your books? Charlotte H

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Description: Today in maths I was on thinking blocks and I was figure if out what 3/5 of 55 is and it was 33. I like thinking blocks because it is fun but it is also challenging that what I mostly Like about thinking blocks is that it challenges me.


Yesterday in maths we got a maths question from Elly and it was we were going tramping and we had to make some scrogian if you don't now what scrogian is it is a mix of chocolate,rasians,dried banana and apricots and we were learning about fractions and we had to do like fractions of the thing like in the picture below.

Monday, 9 May 2016


Description: In Poutama we have been doing a spelling test and we had to do 300 words our class did 150 on Monday and 150 on Tuesday I got I got 283 out of 300.

Thursday, 5 May 2016


Description: Yesterday in maths we were learning about all the different ways that you can make a whole with fractions I learnt that it you have a number one on the top of the fraction it makes a whole and it dosent matter what number  is at the bottom as long as it has a one at the top it will make a whole.

I think I did well in maths.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Buddy art Portfolio Sample

Description: At the start of the year room 12 and room 10 did some Sarah Platt art first Elly got a big Sarah Platt art and cut them up into little even squares after that we all got to chose a square and it had part of a complete Sarah Platt picture or should say a piece of art. After that we had to find out how to make that little square of paper into a bigger version but we had to find out different textures, patterns and colours. I think me and my bubbly buddy Keira worked very well together because we had an idea that we would do half each and she chose the easier half and I did the harder half and when we joint them all together it looked AMAZING.

Evaluation: I was proud of my finish product because it looks like it and I think that all our different texture make it look cool. Next time I think we could of used some more textures because we didint use hat many but it still looks cool.

Feedback: I like how you showed what ones are yours they look GREAT.
Feedfoward: Next time i think you could of added what sort of different textures you used. Emily S