Thursday, 25 August 2016


Description: In maths lately we have been learning about all different types of measurement there is weight capacity and area. The ones I think are the hardest are campsite and area. Weight I think was the easy ist because i anderstood how to do it. The porpoise of mesurement this term was when we did a sheet of math everyone was mostly stuck so we had irks hops about all different types of mesurement.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Book buddies

Description: this term e have been doing this thing called book buddies its where you have a buddy that you chose a book with and you have to have a discussion with your buddy about how much you are going to read. You have to chose a reading card and work on it with your buddy.We do book buddies every tuesday.

Panekiretanga Portfolio post

Description: This term we have had a focus on Panekiretanga  that means excellence. So we have been doing a lot of things to help us learn about excellence here is a slide showing every thing learn't about excellence.